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CATEGORY: Badass women

This category is guest-curated by all-around badass Eva Holland (@evaholland). Eva is a freelance writer based in Canada's Yukon Territory. She's a correspondent for Outside, and she is currently working on a book about the science of fear. Subscribe to her newsletter for updates about her book right here!

Hi! Eva here. Let's start with the obvious caveat: I didn't read everything this year. I didn't even come close! There was some significant badassery that almost entirely passed me by — the efforts of Aly Raisman and other U.S. gymnasts to bring down serial abuser Larry Nassar come to mind. But in what I did read, I found a lot to inspire me. Brave, strong women standing up for themselves and others, building the world they want, taking down criminals, and — yep — reporting out the hardest stories of their lives. I hope you find these stories as inspiring as I did.

Congratulations to all the writers, editors, photographers, and fact-checkers.

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Sarah Gilman, High Country News

A gun-toting loner makes a home in a ghost town. Click.

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Katherine Laidlaw, Toronto Life

At first glance, this disturbing story is about a bad man, not badass women. But look closer and you'll see the bravery of the women he took advantage of, in speaking out, and the tenacity of the reporter, a onetime friend of Pete Forde's, as she navigates an emotional quagmire.

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Cally Carswell, High Country News

This is an era for hard questions. A writer asks herself whether putting down roots in the thirsty Southwest is the right thing to do.


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May Jeong, Wired

I am in awe of the strength of May Jeong to report and write this story about the murder of her friend, the reporter Kim Wall.

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Ali Carr Troxell, Outside

Another truly brave feat of reporting, by a daughter looking into her father's disappearance at sea.

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Rachel Monroe, Outside

When a man claimed his wife had fallen to her death in Rocky Mountain National Park, Agent Beth Shott was on the case.

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Rachel Monroe, The Atlantic

After he scammed them, a con artist's female victims banded together to take him down. Yes, please.

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Amy Wallace, Sports Illustrated

A pioneering sports reporter was also an elite race car driver. Hell yeah.

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Elizabeth Bruenig, Washington Post

A girl spoke out, and almost no one believed her. Looking back at a shameful episode in a small town's history.

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Moira Donegan, The Cut

An explanation.