A Truly*adventurous

Style Collection

From the field

(to the after party)


+ Carry it all in

Congrats to Brandon S., winner of our Topo Designs Rover Pack giveaway!


Ryan JAaron SMeggy KAnne EDakota H, you won a Gerber Shard! Winner emails are on the way.


The collection:

On a rock.jpeg

Scrubba Wash Bag


The Scrubba Wash Bag is a pocket sized washing machine. Perfect for traveling, trekking, camping & backpacking. No quarters necessary.

The go-anywhere solution for adventurers who pack light.


Don't forget the travel detergent!


Feel wild. Smell great.


Handcrafted all-natural soap from Seattle. Just the good stuff.


Steamfast Travel Iron


Lays claim to being the world's smallest steam iron. But don't let that fool you. No matter how rough the night or bumpy the red eye, this mighty mite is trusted by travelers who need to look crisp in the morning.

Features dual voltage for overseas adventure.

Essential kit for hardcores traveler who don't compromise on style. Or, you know, for wedding season. (Groan)

Carry On Cocktail Kits


Because even upgrades ain't what they used to be.



A durable thing-a-ma-jig to get you out of any pickle. (And into any beer.)

The Gerber Shard


Get untangled



A mini broad brush perfect for travel. Made of strong, lightweight bamboo.

You know that comb? The one your grandad had? This is that comb, handmade and redone in a modern aesthetic.

Kent Handmade gentleman's folding pocket comb



I'm ready for my close up.