Picks of the Week — May 3, 2018

The Clock is Ticking    Williams Langewieschie •  Vanity Fair •  Apr 2018  
It was the worst U.S. maritime disaster in three decades. In 2015, the cargo ship, El Faro, hit the wall of a Category 3 Hurricane Joaquin. The ship sank; 33 crew member drowned, their remains were never recovered. Now, after a search across 180,000 square miles of ocean, a recording found three miles deep tell the story.  


The Doting Boyfriend Who Robbed Armored Cars  Skip Hollandsworth • Texas Monthly • May 2018
(We're back with more Skip.) In 2015, the FBI agents in Houston couldn't figure out the mystery of a series of armored car robberies. For two years they'd been happening. Finally, an elaborate trap caught the mastermind in the act.


The Mystery of the Killer Vacation  James Vlahos • GQ • Apr 2018
He sold the company, chartered a yacht, and traveled the world with his model girlfriend. But things didn't add up when Chris Smith started sending curious messages. He was living large. But was he, really?


PLUS: Hear the inside story of the first homicide in America's most secure prison. Also, a suspect has been arrested in the Golden State Killer case. Revisit Michelle McNamara's original pursuit of the killer.