Truly Originals

Rule #3: Keep your goddamn oar out of my face, Kyle

 - Whitewater Walter


So ... what's the deal? 

Truly*Adventurous is a media company conceived in a spirit of adventure and built with reckless faith in the power of punch-'em-in-the-teeth storytelling. We have two signature products: our true originals written by some of the best nonfiction writers around and our newsletter featuring those originals plus curated stories, photo essays, interviews, and more killer content to inspire your own adventures and storytelling.

What do you mean True Adventure?

We mean crazy true stories about people who are pushed way outside their comfort zone. Could be an arctic expedition gone haywire, a daring escape from a rogue spy agency, or an insane bank heist (to name just a few in our hopper). Bottom line: they all force an appraising expletive or two. Also, Truly*Adventurous stories get noticed—a lot of them get optioned for movies and TV.

This Email thing? Do i need this newsletter?

Yeah, you do. We crash land in inboxes like those Gen. 1 Space X boosters attempting a touchdown. We've found that well-designed newsletters packed with stuff people want—that doesn’t have much to do with the noise on their news feeds—are the best way to deliver regular doses of "No Freaking Way!" to our community. Check out the archive here.  (We also keep it fresh on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.)


Rule #27: You do it on your feet, you can do it on your head

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Who we are

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Greg Nichols

Nichols lives on a sailboat, crashed one motorcycle & rebuilt another, and writes killer nonfiction. He's reported and scribbled from around the globe and edits like a Tasmanian devil on a bender.

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Matthew Pearl

When not writing novels, Pearl writes true stories for places like Vanity Fair and Daily Beast. @NYTimes bestselling author. Like Indiana Jones, usually everyone is lost but him.




- our spirit animal