Truly Originals

Rule #3: Dress for the occasion

So ... what's the deal? 

Truly*Adventurous is a media company conceived in a spirit of adventure and built with reckless faith in the power of true stories. Our signature product is our blockbuster longform nonfiction, which we put out in publishing partnerships with Medium and Audm.

What do you mean True Adventure?

We mean crazy true stories about people who are pushed way outside their comfort zone.

This Email thing? Do i need YOUR newsletter?

Yes. (We also keep it fresh on Twitter.)


Rule #27: Kick up your feet now and then

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Who we are

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Greg Nichols

Like a drunken pirate, Nichols lives on a sailboat, crashed a motorcycle, and edits with a cutlass. He also has a red beard and writes like a riot.

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Matthew Pearl

When not writing novels, Pearl writes true stories for places like Vanity Fair and Daily Beast. @NYTimes bestselling author. Like Indiana Jones, usually everyone is lost but him.



- our spirit animal